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If you are in need of ride within 8 hours of today's Current date/time, please call us instead of using the form
Or Schedule a Ride / Tour
If you are in need of ride within 8 hours of today's Current date/time, please call us instead of using the form
Or Schedule a Ride / Tour

Experience Provincetown in Style

Ride with Commercial Street Pedicab!

Est. 2020 — Provincetown, Massachusetts | LGBT Owned & Operated
If you are in need of ride within 8 hours of today's Current date/Time, please call us instead of using the form
The Ultimate Pedicab Tour Experience in Provincetown

Discover Provincetown like never before with Commercial Street Pedicab!

Experience the Pride of Provincetown with Commercial Street Pedicab, the premier LGBT-owned and operated pedicab fleet in beautiful P-town! Hop aboard our vibrant pedicabs and get ready to ride in style while enjoying breathtaking open-air views of Provincetown and the stunning Cape Cod National Seashore.

But that’s not all – we’re more than just a pedicab service. As proud members of Keep Cape Cod Beautiful, we’re committed to providing an eco-friendly transportation option that contributes to combating the global climate crisis. By choosing us, you’re not only enjoying a fun and convenient ride but also actively supporting sustainability efforts.

Our passion goes beyond transportation; we’re dedicated to enriching the cultural and historical significance of Provincetown and the Outer Cape. Join us on our tours and services, where we’ll share fascinating insights and stories about the vibrant LGBTQ+ community, the town’s rich heritage, and its artistic legacy.

Looking to head to Boys Beach? Say “Yas Queen!” and let us whisk you away to the sun-soaked shores with style and flair. With Commercial Street Pedicab, every ride is an opportunity to celebrate individuality, diversity, and the vibrant spirit of Provincetown.

So come on board and let us show you why we’re the go-to pedicab fleet in Ptown. Discover the magic of our open-air rides, support a greener future, and immerse yourself in the captivating culture and history that make Provincetown and the Outer Cape truly special.

Why choose Commercial Street Pedicab?

Our stylish and eco-friendly pedicabs provide a fun and convenient way to explore the vibrant streets, scenic views, and charming neighborhoods of this historic town. With friendly and knowledgeable drivers, insider tips, and a commitment to sustainability, we ensure that your ride with us is not just transportation but a memorable adventure that embraces the spirit of Provincetown.

Fast & Easy Booking
Expert Local Guides
Unforgettable Memories
ECO Friendly

Unforgettable Moments Await

Embrace the spirit of Provincetown and create lasting memories with Commercial Street Pedicab. Our pedicabs offer a fun and exciting way to discover the town's vibrant streets, stunning views, and lively atmosphere, ensuring an unforgettable adventure for all.

Learn A Thing or Two

A Fun and Informative Local Tour By The Locals Themselves

Our knowledgeable and friendly pedicab drivers are Provincetown locals who know the town like the back of their hand. Get insider tips, fascinating stories, and recommendations for the best attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems as you explore Provincetown in style.

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